ASTRA is getting ready for the summer of 2016 when we will produce the entertaining musical CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG

We are excited to announce that the cast audition dates for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  will be January 15-17, 2016.

Audition details will be posted on this website in early December.
Meanwhile, enjoy the video below.
(If you cannot view the video,
see it by clicking here on this link)

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Audience members in July 2015 were delighted by the excellent performances of 'Guys And Dolls.' The audiences were again amazed by the high-quality, live dinner-theatre at All Saints Parish, which has entertained thousands since 2004.

And each summer since 2004, many in our audiences ask

“So what is ASTRA going to produce NEXT YEAR???”  

For the first time in ASTRA history we offered
...a hint
...a movie trailer
....a teaser,
to see if anyone could guess. The video was posted on
ASTRA's Facebook
page in early August. Few guessed correctly.
So now we will tell you that

the ASTRA Committee and All Saints Parish is proud to announce
that the musical for the summer of 2016 will be

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Coming in the Summer of 2016, you can jump with us into the world’s most marvelous magical car, complete with adventure and romance. Everyone's favorite flying car will come to life in ASTRA’s adaptation of this beloved family story.

To be part of the ASTRA “Chitty” Team, please contact us at

Do you want to help ASTRA with this production? ? ? ?

We have a lot of fun creating these shows
and are always looking for more folks to be involved.
If you or anyone else in your family wants
to join us, please consider yourself invited.

Join us on the current ASTRA production team

painters, carpenters, seamstresses,
artists,designers, cleaning crew, ticket sellers,
pie sellers, dinner servers, floor sweepers,
set assistants, florists, marketers, grant writers,
printers, set-up crew, prop finders, stage crew,
journalists, kitchen workers, snack providers,

and, yes, definitely actors and musicians too.

For information or any questions about being a volunteer,
please call the ASTRA message phone
or email